Tempestguard Cyclonic Glazing

Stormshield Cyclonic Glazing

Tempest Guard provides cyclonic protection for glass windows and doors located in Australia’s most storm prone areas.

Manufactured in a toughened laminate makeup, Tempest Guard incorporates specialised structural interlayers to achieve the extreme glass strength required for use in cyclonic regions. Tempest Guard has been successfully tested and fully certified at speeds of up to and including 40m/s as detailed in AS/NZS1170.2:2011. Storm resistant glass testing included the cyclonic impact test of a 4kg piece of timber; and an 8mm steel ball, both travelling at 40 metres per second.

Following impact from debris, Tempest Guard Cyclonic Glass is designed to remain weather tight without breaching the framing system, thus providing a water tight seal and continued safety for occupants during extreme weather conditions.

Tempest Guard is manufactured in thicknesses varying from 12.56mm to 16.54mm, and requires specific installation techniques in approved cyclonic framing systems to ensure full compliance with AS/NZS1170.2:2011.

Tempest Guard has been certified for use with Capral 400 series framing systems, other aluminium framing systems can be used however further certification will be required for compliance with Australian Standards. Current test results and compliance certificates can be supplied on request. To ensure correct specification please contact us as early in the design stages as possible.


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