Single Glaze Aluminium Framing

Single Glaze Aluminium Framing

Elevate™ Commercial Framing – Series 400 Single Glaze CentreGLAZE™ Framing

CentreGLAZE™ Framing offers a balanced aesthetic, with glass positioned in the centre of the frame.

Designed for use in both residential and commercial applications, CentreGLAZE™ framing is compatible with a wide range of accessories and adapters.

Our standard CentreGLAZE™ framing systems are available in 102mm for typical low-rise residential and commercial applications and 150mm where added strength is required to achieve large spans. Single and double glaze options are available.

There are numerous custom designed extrusions to cater for specific applications:

  • A range of sub-sills cover most installations, one of our sub-sills has a built in nailing fin to suit residential installations into cavity brick and brick veneer walls.
  • Sub-head and two piece sub-jambs.
    Numerous door threshold including weather resisting thresholds for external and internal swinging doors.
  • Aluminium louvre blades.
  • Top hung and bottom rolling sliding door track systems.
  • Snap together corners including 135°

We have designed a door system to suit the framing. The main features with our doors are 50mm thick doors that are significantly stronger than what most of our competitors offer. 44mm doors struggle when doors are more than 2100mm high. Commerical doors will take a lot of punishment and for this reason we have made the junction between stiles and rails very strong and the glazing pockets are the same width and depth as the framing.

Commercial doors can make their way into residental applications and for these situations we have included true French meeting stiles for pairs of doors where you want to keep water out.

Max Panel Heigh Various
Max Panel Width Various
Max Glass Thickness 10.38mm
Frame Depth 102mm
UW Range 4.1-6.0
SHGC Range 0.33-0.63
Max water 600 pa
6.5mm VLam Hush™ 34 (0;-3)
10.50mm VLam Hush™ 37 (0;-3)
10.38mm Lam 34 (-1;-2)
6.38mm Lam 32 (-2;-3)
Compatible with Series 50, 51 and 52 (doors)


The experience and expertise of our dedicated, long serving team of professionals ensures that we can provide the highest levels of quality, durability and service.

Our goal is to continue to develop products that exceed the Australian Standards for performance, security and safety.

We pride ourselves on being one of Western Australia’s largest manufacturers of factory glazed windows and doors, and Havengard® screening systems compliant for high wind zone applications.


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