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Elevate™ Commercial Framing – Series 80 Internal Partitioning

Elevate™ Offset Framing has been designed to complement the Elevate CentreGLAZE™ range.

Two frame widths are offered 80mm and 150mm. The 80mm narrow offset frame system is ideal for use in internal partitioning applications.

The narrow frame gives a clean, minimalist aesthetic. Series 80 has a deep glazing pocket like Series 400, we want to get as much glass bite as possible.

Some competitor products where the frame measures 75 x 35 have very shallow glass pockets and this leads to shallow glass bite.

There are several custom designed extrusions to cater for specific applications:

  • Sub-sill included as we always recommend sub-sills under commercial framing.
  • Sub-head to allow for building settlement.
  • Hinged door threshold.
  • Nailing fin adaptor and a narrow frame for residential applications.
  • Awning sash inlay adaptor.
  • Adjustable wall trims to suit internal applications.
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