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Stormshield Cyclonic Glazing

Stormshield – The leading high wind zone/storm and cyclone rated glazing is ultra light weight, specially designed for large double glazed or single glazed windows.

Stormshield is a fully certified Grade A laminated safety glass and is designed to resist penetration from flying debris and excessive wind speeds that are present during cyclones. It’s ultra-high grade laminate is designed to allow the glass to expand and contract up to five times its normal rate before breaking. Once broken, it remains watertight without tearing or breaking the window envelope, thus maintaining watertightness during and after a storm. These cyclone rated windows are ideally suited for the harsh conditions of the North West of Western Australia.

Stormshield can be used in cyclone prone areas without the need of secondary protection such as storm shutters, thus allowing clear vision and full protection from all types of weather.

Stormshield provides excellent noise reduction, fading protection and high security. Stormshield has withstood extreme test pressures of more than 12kPa, which equates to wind gusts in excess of 500km/h (10mm Stormshield) and is available in many types of high performance glass and tints to enhance performance characteristics.

Stormshield has been tested and approved to: AS/NZS 2208:1996, AS/NZS 1170.2:2002, AS/4040.3:1992, AS4040.2:1992, and Grade A Safety Glass for human impact NZ4223 and AS1288.

Stormshield is available in a range of thicknesses to enable full compliance with wind loading and deflection standards as in AS1288 glass selection and installation, regardles of window size, and has been evaluated by world class cyclone testing station at James Cook University. Stormshield Generation II has now passed impact testing at the very highest levels of the AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 for cyclone region D, with regional windspeed up to 108.9mtr/sec. Impact test velocity of 44 mtrs/sec (approx 158km/h) with a 4kg piece of timber 50mm x 100mm impacting the 14mm thick laminated glass horizontally end on. Impact test result – PASS, with NO perforation of the Stormshield laminate.

Vantage Magnum Cyclone Series

Vantage ™ Magnum Cyclone Series

Cyclones are a major natural hazard affecting the eastern, northern and western coastlines of Australia.

Strong winds generated during severe tropical cyclones can cause extensive property damage and turn airborne debris into potentially lethal missiles. Tropical cyclones generally hold enormous amounts of moisture and can produce heavy rainfall over extensive areas. These extreme weather conditions place enormous stress on the building envelope. It is critical windows and doors in cyclone regions C and D are manufactured to perform under these conditions.

Extensive strength and impact testing has been carried out on the Vantage™ Magnum Series and these products have been tested to withstand pressures of 660Pa water and 10,600Pa ultimate. In addition products are subjected to impact testing of 39m/s for region D and 29m/s for region C.

Series 618 Magnum Cyclone Sliding Door

Apart from the standard features of the Magnum Series 618 sliding door the Series 618CD has a heavy duty higher sill designed to give a significantly higher water resistance of 660Pa and a heavy duty head with thick legs to make sure the panels stay in the frame under high ultimate wind loads up to 10,600Pa. Stronger meeting stiles are designed to withstand the high ultimate wind loads.

The stronger frame and panel has been successfully impact tested at N.A.T.A. accredited test facility – results:

  • 11.40mm Stormshield® Gen II glass to resist 30.10m/s – suitable for region C.
  • 12.40mm Stormshield® Gen II glass to resist 38.09m/s – suitable for region D.

Series 602 Cyclone Sliding Window

Series 602CD comes standard with heavy duty perimeter frame designed to give a significantly higher water resistance of 660Pa. The perimeter frame has thicker legs to keep panels in the frame under high ultimate wind loads up to 10,600Pa. Stronger meeting stiles designed to withstand the high ultimate wind loads, tested to 10,600Pa.

The stronger frame and sash has been successfully impact tested at N.A.T.A. accredited test facility – results:

  • 11.40mm Stormshield® Gen II glass resisted 30.70m/s – suitable for region C.
  • 12.40mm Stormshield® Gen II glass resisted 37.40m/s – suitable for region D.

Series 616 Awning Cyclone Window

Series 616CD comes standard with four bar stainless steel stays. Awning sashes can be fitted with manual chain winder and manual cam handle on each side at quarter distance up from sill. The sashes will accept glass up to 14.40mm thick, this includes the thick laminated glass used on impact tested windows.

A 1300mm x 900mm awning window has been successfully tested to resist 1300Pa water and withstand 7500Pa negative ulltimate wind loads. We have successfully impact tested Series 616 awning sash 1500mm x 900mm with heavy duty sash at N.A.T.A. accredited test facility – results:

  • 11.40mm Stormshield® Gen II glass resisted 30.10m/s – suitable region C.
  • 12.40mm Stormshield® Gen II glass resisted 38.10m/s – suitable region D.

Series 506 Cyclone Rated Window

Designed with affordability in mind, Alutech’s Series 506 Sliding window suite certainly doesn’t fall short when performing to Western Australia’s wide range of demanding conditions.

The Series 506 window is available 49mm and 72mm wide variants. This window comes standard with a key lockable handle and latch that can also be locked in a vented position.

This practical suite also has the ability to perform to Western Australia’s North West cyclonic conditions or even to Western Australia’s South West bushfire prone regions to BAL-40 criteria.

The 506CD has been tested to meet all applicable cyclonic loads including positive and negative wind pressures and also the high water pressure requirements. Alutech have also developed our exclusive cyclonic subframe that has been designed around the Series 506 sliding window that will house the window in a subframe and also have the ability to install a cyclonic impact screen to the face to have an all in one complete cyclonic system. With this combination cyclonic window, wind, water, impact, security and even the flyscreen are all easily achieved in an all in one unit.

The Series 506FR has been tested to meet up to BAL-40 bushfire ratings. All of the Series 506 window parts have been redesigned and tested to be stronger and be fire retardant where required to pass the stringent test procedures.

Also with all of our Aluminium Doors and Windows the Series 506 Sliding Window suite is available in our standard 84 powdercoat finishes including the high performance Ultriva powdercoat finish if required.

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