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Series 650 Aluminium Architectural Hinged Door

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Series 650 Architectural Aluminium Hinged Doors. Elevate™ Commercial Framing

The Series 650 Entry Door framing system is designed to accept heavy duty 50mm thick commercial aluminium swing doors.

Key Features

  • 50mm wide door options including fully beaded. These heavy duty 50mm thick commercial doors are ideal for oversize door panels.
  • Series 52 swing doors will accept 24mm thick insulating glass.
  • Three midrail sizes to choose from (50, 115 and 125mm deep).
  • Two door thresholds cover both internal and external swing hinged doors.
  • Sub-sills available for high performance installations.
  • Snap fit nailing fin adaptor for brick veneer and cavity brick installations.
  • Will accept awning and casement sashes.
  • Recessed clean fixed sidelights and highlights pocket glazed similar to commercial framing.

Aluminium Hinged Doors (Series 52)

Elevate™ Commercial Framing – Series 52 Aluminium Hinged Door Unlike most commercial hinged doors on the market which are 44mm thick, Elevate™ hinged doors are based on a 50mm platform.

The 50mm platform delivers up to 40{8d033198c8652d1cad90e623273d59037536e29ebec9f1342afdf750f3ba7d77} better strength than industry standard 44mm doors. The thicker door stiles easily support the weight of heavy glass and enable you to achieve true inline French door meeting stiles.

Series 52 Aluminium hinged doors are compatible with all Elevate™ framing systems and offer a range of beading options to suit your application. Pivot doors are a popular choice in architecturally designed homes, incorporating a very wide door which pivots on a floor spring to achieve a dramatic wide opening. All Series 52 hinged doors can be incorporated into a pivot door application.

Key Features

  • Series 52 doors are 50mm thick for added strength.
  • Series 52 doors have removable snap-on glazing beads on horizontalsand verticals.
  • Stile to rail joint is securely fixed with custom spigot assembly.
  • Spigot are secured to rails with 10# spline screws.
  • Door glass can be blocked and fitted with adjustable setting block.
  • Series 52 door will accept glass up to 24mm thick.
  • Horizontal rails can be fitted with square or splayed glazing beads.
  • 19mm high glazing beads ensure that the glass gets the right bite.
  • Can be security glazed with captive external glazing wedge.
  • Four midrail options 50mm and 115mm deep with single external bead plus 125mm and 200mm midrails with four glazing beads.
  • Lock stiles wide enough to accept most lock types.
  • Rebated French meeting stiles.

Magnum Aluminium Sliding Doors

The Series 618 Magnum Aluminium Sliding Door is a commercially inspired sliding door system designed for residential applications.

Offering up to 4 sliding panels in each direction the Series 618 Magnum Door can be used to span openings of up to 6 metres. A dedicated cavity slider option enables this system to be used in cavity sliding applications achieving an unobstructed clean opening.

The flat sill design allows the door frame to be recessed completely into the floor for the ultimate finish and the 33mm thick stiles are ideal for extra large doors (up to 2700mm) in high wind load areas. The Series 618 Magnum doors sized at 2700mm x 4000mm ‘SSF’ and 2700mm x 3000mm ‘SF’ have been successfully tested for complance with the relevant Australian Standards. By achieving a very high water resistance of 450Pa, these doors can be installed into most residential projects. Doors can be fabricated up to 4 sliding panels in each direction and there is a 90° corner sliding option – meaning no central meeting post. The optional Havengard® stacking external security door system can be nested into the main frame. The custom Havengard®screen door system is designed to complement the glass door.

Standard door rails and stiles will accept glass up to 10.38mm thick laminated or 20mm IGU’s using the double glazing stiles and rails. Heavy door panels are fitted with double bogey wheels for smooth, long term operation. We also offer a large variey of door hardware.

Sliding doors have earned a reputation as the most versatile and practical door type for access to decks and patio’s. They also score highly for delivering expansive views while remaining cost effective. Magnum Sliders offer security and strength with substantial profiles. Smooth, quiet sliding is achieved through high performace rollers. Sliders have the advantage of being able to be left partly open for ventilation without the danger of wind gusts slamming the door shut. Standard 84 powdercoat finishes available or also available in high performance Ultriva powdercoat finish.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Our Aluminium Bi-fold door systems provide smooth, reliable operation and superb design.

We offer three types of Bi-fold systems – The Vantage Series 548 Aluminium Bi-fold Door, The Elevate Series 411 Bi-fold Door and the Elevate Series 412 Bi-fold Door.

Vantage™ Bi-folds have a reliable bottom mounted roller system for smooth, reliable performance. Our heavy duty rollers run on a matching double track for optimum performance and support, this ensures heavy panels operate easily. Vantage Bi-folds are available to a maximum panel height of 2.6 metres.

Where possible it is a good idea to include a hinged door in a Bi-fold door set to allow for convenient exit or entry without the need to open the whole Bi-fold.

Elevate™ Bi-fold doors incorporate extra strong stiles to enable large bold panels to be created. Panels with heights of up to 3 metres and widths of 1 metre can be achieved subject to site conditions. Bi-folds can be configured to stack in one direction or as bi-parting units.

Elevate™ offers two commercial Bi-fold systems – Series 411 top hung system supports panel weight at the head, reducing the need for a large sill and allowing low line and recessed sill options. Stainless steel hinges and hanging gear supports door panels of 80kgs. This system is ideal for applications where large heavy door panels will be used and a steel or concrete lintel overhead can support panel weight.

The Series 412 bottom hung system supports door panels at the sill, with heavy-duty roller carriages supporting the panel weight and offering smooth, reliable operation. As weight is supported at the sill, highlights can be fitted above the Bi-fold panels. The bottom hung rollers are ideal for timber wall construction as there is no reliance on the lintel overhead to carry the panel weight.

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