Fire Rated Windows BAL40

Fire Rated Windows BAL 40

Alutech can help you with fire rated windows and doors.

In the Australian Standard AS3959 they have classified different bushfire intensity levels that a home may experience during a bushfire. These are referred to as Bushfire Attack Levels, or BAL’s for short.

There are six bushfire attack levels in total:
BAL – 40, BAL – 29, BAL – 19, BAL – 12.5, BAL – Low

These individual levels are based on the region where you live, the vegetation type around your property, the distance from your home to individual vegetation types and the slope on the property. Many Australian homes are located in areas prone to bushfire attacks. Changes to the BCA in 2011 and the inclusion of AS3959-2009 have increased the stringency around the selection of windows and doors along with other building materials for new buildings or renovation projects in bushfire prone areas. These changes are intended to reduce the risk of loss of life or damage to property in bushfire areas.

If you currently live, or plan to build in a bushfire prone area, there are many precautions you can take to help protect your home and maximise your safety. One of these is the correct selection and installation of bushfire rated window and door systems. Alutech now offers a range of BAL 40 bushfire rated windows and doors based on our Magnum Series – carrying all of the original features but with added features encompassing our FlameMASTER™ range of BAL 40 tested and certified windows and sliding door.
Fire Rated – Series 618 FlameMaster™ Sliding Door

This door has been successfully tested to BAL 40 fire resistance. 6mm toughened glass or IGU’s with 6mm toughened glass on the outer face is used on FlameMASTER™ sliding doors. The wrap around glazing channel, the co-extruded drain hole cover flaps, the sill to structure cover flaps and nylon fixing brackets and closer blocks are all made from fire retardant material. Silicone support blocks are fitted to support the glass if the wrap around wedge should melt. The opening panel has custom extruded anti drop blocks to support the panel if the nylon roller should melt.

Fire Rated – Series 602 FlameMaster™ Sliding and Awning

6mm toughened glass or 20mm thick IGU’s with 6mm toughened glass on the outer face is used on all FlameMASTER™ windows. The glazing channel, sash seal and sill flap is all made from a fire retardant material. Silicone support blocks are fitted to support glass if the wrap around wedge should melt. Both opening and fixed sashes have custom extruded aluminium anti drop blocks to support the sashes if the nylon roller or support blocks melt. Opening sashes to be fitted with Havengard®security screens (with a max aperture of 2mm), gaps between screen, frame and window frame not to exceed 3mm as per Australian Standard AS1530.8.1.


The experience and expertise of our dedicated, long serving team of professionals ensures that we can provide the highest levels of quality, durability and service.

Our goal is to continue to develop products that exceed the Australian Standards for performance, security and safety.

We pride ourselves on being one of Western Australia’s largest manufacturers of factory glazed windows and doors, and Havengard® screening systems compliant for high wind zone applications.


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