Havengard Security Doors installation in a private residence in Attadale

Havengard Security Doors
The owners of this newly built architectural home by architect John Lewis and Time Builders required a security system that boasted not only market leading strength but also a stylish and unobtrusive design to complement the style of their home and their stunning river views. Alutech fitted a number of sliding doors to the home in Stone Grey powder coat to match the glass sliding doors.

The home boasts a large set of stacking doors that meet to a column-less corner, despite the unique design and large custom panel  size the design and installation of this door was easy using Havengard. To the rear of the property a single sliding door, double sliding doors and sliding stacker doors also in Stone Grey powder coat enclosed the remainder of the living areas.

The family can now comfortably cross-ventilate their home with peace of mind that their Havengard Security Doors are Always on Guard.

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