Havengard Security Doors

Project:     Antony Street Medical Centre
Architect: Vabasis Architects
Builder:    Thomas Building
Product:   AWS 400 Series Commercial Windows
Photography: Thomas Building

Alutech is proud to have partnered with Thomas building in the completion of the new Antony Street Medical Centre in Palmyra. The newly constructed medical centre is a state of the art facility for the centre’s extensive team of specialists. This project was completed with subframe installation of AWS commercial windows in 100×44 and 150×50 sections, 704 Series slide master doors and 50 Series wide stile hinged doors.

Alutech was chosen for this project as, despite being a fairly small project, the window design posed a number of challenges which required an experienced team. The building is comprised of large areas of fixed windows, with the largest being 3.2m High x 14.7m Wide with a structural concrete beam through the centre for support of the upper floor slab. This section required specially designed mitre cuts and use of glazing channel to allow the glass to be installed correctly and for the frame to be visually consistent as it hugged the large beam.

The upper floor features a large raking window and corner window combination raking from 4.5m to 3.3m over a span of 14.5m this window was comprised of 6 sections of frame, which each weighed approximately 150kg before being glazed, and were coupled together and glazed onsite by our expert team. This job was glazed in 6mm Energytech green toughened glass and 6.38mm translucent laminate glass and finished in Monument Satin powder coat.

The end result is a stylish and functional window package that will serve the specialists and their patients for many years to come.