Are you Ready for Winter? Protect Your Home this Winter with Tempest Guard!

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Are you Ready for Winter? Protect Your Home this Winter with Tempest Guard!

Are you living in Australia’s storm-prone regions? Do you worry about the safety of your home during cyclones and extreme weather conditions? Introducing Tempest Guard – the revolutionary solution engineered to protect your windows and doors from nature’s fury.

In the face of increasingly erratic weather patterns, protecting your home against cyclones and storms has become more crucial than ever. With Tempest Guard, you can rest assured that your windows and doors are fortified with the highest level of cyclonic protection available on the market today.

The Science Behind Tempest Guard
Tempest Guard is not your ordinary glass. It’s manufactured using a toughened laminate makeup, incorporating specialised structural interlayers for unparalleled strength and resilience. Tested and certified to withstand speeds of up to 40m/s, in accordance with AS/NZS1170.2:2011 standards, Tempest Guard is engineered to endure the most extreme weather conditions imaginable.

Proven Durability
What sets Tempest Guard apart is its ability to withstand impact from debris without compromising its integrity. Whether it’s a 4kg piece of timber or an 8mm steel ball hurtling towards your windows or doors at 40 metres per second, Tempest Guard remains steadfast, keeping your home secure and weather-tight.

Uncompromised Safety
In the event of a cyclone or storm, the last thing you want to worry about is the structural integrity of your windows and doors. With Tempest Guard, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home is equipped with the highest standard of protection available. Designed to seamlessly integrate with approved cyclonic framing systems, Tempest Guard ensures a watertight seal, safeguarding occupants and property alike.


Versatile and Reliable
Tempest Guard is available in various thicknesses ranging from 12.56mm to 16.54mm, catering to diverse architectural needs and specifications. While it is certified for use with Capral 400 series framing systems, it can also be utilised with other aluminium framing systems, provided they meet the necessary compliance standards.

Your Trusted Cyclonic Protection Partner
At Alutech, we understand the importance of safety and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home and loved ones. That’s why we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers. With Tempest Guard, you can trust that you’re getting the best cyclonic protection available, backed by rigorous testing and certification.

Don’t leave the safety of your home to chance. Invest in Tempest Guard today and fortify your windows and doors against nature’s wrath. Contact us now to learn more about Tempest Guard and how it can help protect your home in Australia’s most storm-prone areas. Don’t wait until it’s too late – protect what matters most with Tempest Guard from Alutech.


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